Education Faculty Evaluation Team

The WoW evaluation team was established in 2010 and consisted of graduate students from the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education at the University of British Columbia working with the mentorship of Dr. Sandra Mathison.

The goal of the evaluation project was two-fold.

1. It aimed to provide formative feedback to WoW project members.
2. The evaluation aimed to offer a practical and real context in which junior evaluators could hone their evaluative knowledge and skills.

In addition, WOW provided junior evaluators with opportunities for developing specific evaluation-related skills and knowledge through conference participation and workshop attendance.

Refer to the WoW Evaluation webpage for a complete list of conference posters and handouts.

Arwa Alkhalaf, MA
Kristy Jang, MEd
C. Owen Lo, PhD

Dr. Sandra Mathison